Bloomberg Tower

I’ve liked 731 Lexington Avenue since it went up almost ten years ago. But until this week, all I’ve ever seen of the interior is the subterranean Home Depot on the Third Avenue side of the complex.

So this week I felt especially lucky to visit the building twice, getting to see both the space-age Bloomberg LP offices and Le Cirque Cafe. Unsurprisingly, the building is even nicer on the inside.

Baggage Claim

If you gotta wait for your bags, the JetBlue Terminal at JFK is not a terrible place to do it. Sleek and efficient.

Cinema (Houston)

Somewhere on Westheimer, a mostly empty but way cinematic strip mall. I’d love to shoot something here.

Arlington Diner

Just across the street from Stewart’s, the mighty Arlington Diner has dominated its corner for as long as I can remember.

I haven’t been here since I was a kid so I can’t vouch for the food these days. But the exterior is delicious.

Daily News Building: The Globe

Growing up, I always wanted a really nice globe but the only one we could afford was a cheap metal version that had a big raised seam at the equator. The seam was so big it looked like the Earth had a Saturn-like ring.

I was a little embarrassed that our globe was not as nice as the ones some of my friends owned, and certainly not as nice as the ones in school.

I wish I’d seen the Daily News Globe when I was a kid.

I would have realized that the best globe in the world is free for everyone to enjoy — and it can’t be bought by anyone.

Columbus Circle

It’s hard to describe how much better Columbus Circle is today compared to just about any time in living memory. It’s actually a place you’d want to visit and even linger instead of just pass through as quickly as possible.

Prior to the Time Warner Center and the 2005 renovation of the circle, the best thing I could say about the place was that I saw Nirvana play an earth-shattering set at the New York Coliseum in 1993.

Grand Central Uplift

Grand Central Terminal is beautiful from every angle, even the ones you didn’t know existed. You can catch this view for free from the Apple Store.

I feel really lucky that I get to walk through GCT on my way to work each day. The beauty and bustle of the place lifts me up on even the toughest of days. The endless supply of good things to eat there doesn’t hurt either.

St. Vincent’s Hospital

It’s very sobering to pass by St. Vincent’s during its demolition. You can’t help but think about all the human experiences that must have taken place there. They’re ghosts now, and the building is following them.

Future HL Part 4

My parting shot from the unfinished phase 2, looking north from near 23 Street. Looking forward to taking the “after” version of this photo when this section of the line opens next year.

(High Line, Manhattan)