Cortlandt Alley

I love Manhattan, but sometimes I wish the the folks behind the grid included alleys in their plan. Alleys are mysterious and banal, hella useful and a waste of space. They’re everything that happens in your living room before the guests arrive.

(Cortlandt Alley, Manhattan)

On The 6

He looked a little small for a seeing eye dog, but size isn’t everything, you know.

(6 train, Manhattan)

Air: Hot Or Not?

I love the Apple Retail Stores, but they can be a total zoo sometimes because of the crowds. I was checking out this Macbook Air for about 30 seconds before this very aggressive woman started to hover over me as if I were taking too long and a passing middle-aged guy made a joke about how I was handling the machine too eagerly. After about another minute with the Macbook, I fled the store for the relative peace of Prince Street and let the woman and the middle-aged guy fight it out. (The woman won.)

I tried not to take the experience too personally, but I did wonder if there’s some truth to the theory that Mac users are self-centered and arrogant. Or maybe, it’s just that Apple consistently makes products that make people a little crazy, myself included.

Oh…and about the computer: it’s awesome engineering and surprisingly sturdy, but it’s not for everyone. Having said that, I can already see that there’s a 50% chance I’ll replace my beloved but aging 2004 PowerBook 12″ 1.33 with an an Air rev. B in 2009.

(Apple Store Soho, Manhattan)

York College

There’s something surreal about seeing your name on a flyer, especially in a place you’ve never been. But I had been warned before my visit that there were flyers advertising my visit to the York College film club, so it wasn’t exactly an ambush.

The kids were a great audience for my (undoubtedly rambling) lecture on indie film distribution. I felt a bit old and nerdy speaking to them, but also honored and inspired by their enthusiasm and attention. They asked smart, thoughtful questions, too.Go York film club! Please hire me when you guys get to Hollywood.

(York College, Jamaica, Queens)

Unarticulated Tendencies

The “accordion” bus is more correctly referred to as an articulated bus, but whatever you call it, straddling the pivot point and yelling WOOT!!! everytime the bus turns is frowned upon. Or at least it is whenever I do it.

(M15 bus, Manhattan)