Air: Hot Or Not?

I love the Apple Retail Stores, but they can be a total zoo sometimes because of the crowds. I was checking out this Macbook Air for about 30 seconds before this very aggressive woman started to hover over me as if I were taking too long and a passing middle-aged guy made a joke about how I was handling the machine too eagerly. After about another minute with the Macbook, I fled the store for the relative peace of Prince Street and let the woman and the middle-aged guy fight it out. (The woman won.)

I tried not to take the experience too personally, but I did wonder if there’s some truth to the theory that Mac users are self-centered and arrogant. Or maybe, it’s just that Apple consistently makes products that make people a little crazy, myself included.

Oh…and about the computer: it’s awesome engineering and surprisingly sturdy, but it’s not for everyone. Having said that, I can already see that there’s a 50% chance I’ll replace my beloved but aging 2004 PowerBook 12″ 1.33 with an an Air rev. B in 2009.

(Apple Store Soho, Manhattan)