In Houston

It’s been a few years since I last visited, but I found myself easily adapting again to the peculiar customs of Houston.

Were it not for the shirt, I believe I could have passed for a native, as you can see in these photographs.


Holy moly, it’s been a while since I had a fever this high.

The only question now is: am I finally starting the Breaking Bad marathon or the Downton Abbey marathon?

What I Drink When I Drink

You may know I don’t drink alcohol. But until now you didn’t know the real reason why: once you drink Trump Ice, no other beverage will satisfy.

(Everlasting gratitude to my brother JJ Chan for this gift of gifts.)

Objects in Mirror

Even the parking attendant can’t stop looking at my ginormous Bossypants hands.


Final Pro Cut

I was so excited about my first professional haircut in six years (been DIY since 2006) that I forgot to smile.

BIG thanks fo the amazing Shin for the cut.

(Drawing Room, 148 Spring St, Manhattan)

Old School Deal

Whoa, these were $22.05 on the clearance rack. Now that’s the best kind of retro.

(Bob’s Stores, Seekonk, MA)