For reasons unknown, I’ve found myself using chillax and its derivations more times in the past month than I can count.

And as it happens, it’s also been a pretty good month.

Does correlation equal causation? I think it does in this case. Try saying chillax out loud right now and see if you don’t smile or feel better right after.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Am I right? It’s like the word is its own chillaxative. Just the act of saying it seems to work the muscles in your jaw in a massage-like fashion that radiates chillaxation throughout your body and mind.

And this is just in English. It might even be better in other languages but unfortunately I don’t know any other tongues well enough to find out.

Drop the word in conversation today and do your part to make the world a more chillaxed place. The timeless wisdom of this old-school term needs to be shared.