It’s been ten days since I’ve posted here and my excuse is…the Ma-Yi LabFest! Every night I haven’t been attending a reading I’ve been re-writing or rehearsing my own play, which I’m happy to say went up on Saturday to a full house. I’m tired as heck but it’s been a lot of fun.Big props to my director Victor and my actors Jo, Jackson, Jose, Kent, Aladdin, and Claro for bringing a complicated little play to life with so little rehearsal time. I still have a lot more tweaking to do, but I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity to show No Time for Champions to an audience.(Jo Mei does her best 2046 -esque Faye Wong android at the Phil Bosakowski Theatre, 354 West 45 St, Manhattan)

Balloon Man: Part 2


If you’re going to bring something this big onto a subway, you better be polite about it — and this delivery guy certainly was. The riders loved it. (Uptown 2 train, Manhattan)

Balloon Man: Part 1


I may be a seen-it-all jaded New Yorker most days, but there are just some things you can’t resist. Like taking out your camera when you see something like this.(Chambers St Station, Manhattan)

Any Item


What makes our booth so popular? Our customer guarantee: you’ll pay at least $2 for anything we sell, dude.(2 Av & 86 St, Manhattan)