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Five Boro Rain

Five Boro Rain

It’s wet but spirits are high at the 2009 Five Boro Bike Tour.

(Franklin St & Church St, Manhattan)


Return To The Mothership


When I knew I was heading to Eugene for DisOrient, I also knew I’d have to bring my trusty Bike Friday New World Tourist. That’s because Eugene is not only the home of a great little film festival and UO, but also where Green Gear makes their world-class folding bikes.

My 1994 NWT hasn’t been back to its birthplace in almost 15 years, so it just seemed wrong to go without it. Plus, Eugene is a great biking city and I wanted to enjoy it on a great bike. Soon after a tune-up at the factory, my NWT and me were wheeling down Eugene’s great bike paths well into the evening.

(Green Gear Cycling, Eugene, OR)


For Folding

For Folding

The only thing better than being on a bike today is being on a folding bike. And the only thing better than that is being on a folding bike at the Time’s Up Folding Bike Ride & Festival.

So what are you waiting for?

(23 St & East River, Manhattan)


Bklyn Bike Fridays

Bklyn Bike Fridays

It was a perfect day for a ride.

(North 11 St, Brooklyn)

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