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(Atlantic Av Station, Brooklyn)


Under The Brooklyn Bridge #2


Brooklyn Bridge is falling down…when you don’t Photomerge well!(Pearl St & Dover St, Manhattan)


Off Track


This is a subculture I know nothing about, but would like to someday.(OTB, Bowery, Manhattan)




We’ll start with this…what do you want me to start with? The Golden Gate Bridge? Now watch. Watch this. Here we go. There. [He steps up.] There. Now. I look up, I look down. I look up. I look down. There’s nothin’ to it. YIKES!!!! What the HECK, Midge?

Vertigo (mostly…)

(Vital Theatre, 76 St & Broadway, Manhattan)




(Spring St Station, Manhattan)


Wat Is Duch?


If you know, please tell me.(Grand St Station, Manhattan)


Greetings From The Bowery


Why is our city better than yours? Because we have places like the Restaurant Supply District, goshdarnit.(Bowery & Grand St, Manhattan)


Jo, Facing North


This one is dedicated to everyone that, like me, got a bad cold or flu this season. Get well soon, Jo!(Kam Man Foods, 200 Canal St, Manhattan)


Into The Red


This couldn’t possibly be the same guy, but in my mind I like to think that it was — and that he wears a different color each day. And, as before, I was envious.(Q train, Brooklyn)Related posts:Into The WhiteMystery TrainIf You Need It, You Should Show ItIt’s Like Rain On Your Q TrainWhy Other NY Graffiti is Still Pretty LameRush Hour Reading Room

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