Take A Part

About half-way (and thirty screws) into upgrading my sister’s iBook from a 30GB/4200 rpm hard drive to a 60GB/5400 rpm model, I regretted starting the project. There were just too many screws to remove and too many delicate parts to break. I didn’t think I’d be able to put the thing back together correctly and I started cursing myself for not paying Tekserve a hundred bucks to do it. But two hours later, the machine booted up perfectly. My sister now had a lot more room for her music and pictures. Best of all, the iBook seemed faster. It was around then that I started imagining upgrading my PowerBook’s 80GB drive to a 120GB, and giving the 80GB to my sister and…I read somewhere that the joy of seeing their newborn baby makes mothers forget their declarations of “never again!” during labor. I think I just experienced something similar.

(Apple Macintosh iBook G4 [late 2004], 1.2ghz, 1.2GB RAM, 60GB Hitachi Deskstar hard drive)