R.I.P. A.J.C.

Found out from a close friend today that someone we both knew fairly well in high school had committed suicide last spring. Apparently, he had been struggling with financial and family problems for at least a year. He left a farewell note on Facebook. He was single. He was 43.

A. and I had drifted apart after high school and lost touch. Several years ago, we reconnected via email and learned that we were both pursuing our dreams (Him: comedy, sci-fi, music. Me: filmmaking and playwriting). We added each other to our respective mailing lists and exchanged notes of support every now and then in response to one of our email blasts.

I was a late bloomer to films and theatre and wasn’t involved in either until after graduate school. But you could draw a very straight line between what A. liked as a kid and what he was doing as an adult. During the 20+ years since I’d last seen him in person, he was not only still enjoying the things that he loved as a child, but he was managing to pay (at least some of) his bills pursuing them as a grown-up.

I don’t know much about his life outside his artistic pursuits. I don’t know what could have saved him. I do know, however, that his work touched a lot of people. And that his dogged pursuit of his dreams touched me.

Rest in peace, friend.

Three Questions for Yasmine


What are you looking forward to?

Working on a film set again. Hopefully soon.

What song have you been listening to most lately?

Just Give Me a Reason by Pink.

What do you believe with all your heart to be true, but can’t prove?

Soulmates are real, that I have more than one, and that I will be lucky to meet one of them.

(Photographed at The Meatball Shop, Chelsea on February 26, 2013. Follow Yasmine at @nobodysweasel.)


Macs Take Manhattan


Our big move is preceded by a smaller move via Zipcar. My aging G5 and Jo’s beloved eMac get the white glove treatment, as will Marla the cat. Some things are just too precious to leave to the movers.

(New Bklyn Blggng HQ, Manhattan)

Jo’s 72 St-Broadway IRT of Choice

Jo's 72 St-Broadway IRT of Choice

All my life I searched for my soulmate. Just after I got used to the idea that one probably didn’t exist, I found her. Now all I have to do these days is to sit back and enjoy life. And snap the occasional photo.

(72 St-Broadway Subway Station, Manhattan)



The Austin evenings are colder than we expected. Fortunately, Austin’s elaborate system of geothermal taps mean you’re never far away from a heat source.

Just kidding about that geothermal tap thing.

(Austin, TX)

Man Go For Mango


Jo likes the new Mango store for the clothes, but I like it for the generous man-seating.

(Mango, Broadway & Prince St, Manhattan)