Monday is Cat Week: Splendor

It’s week three (or maybe four) of Helena’s first-ever indoor grass patch. I’ve yet to catch her chillaxing on the turf, but the cat-shaped imprint there tells me all I need to know.

Monday is Cat Week: Cold But Cool
It was 25F outside, but that didn’t stop this cat from having a grand old time on the hood of this parked car. He would lick the hood, then tumble around.I don’t know what he was tasting, but it must have been delicious. I’m just glad his tounge didn’t stick to the metal.

(Bayard St, Manhattan)

Monday is Cat Week: Hurry Up Already

The cat inside the Prius is not nearly as amused by the roadside photo op as I am, even though I’m the one braving 20 degree weather to get the shot.

(Darien/I-95 Service Area, Darien, CT)

Monday Is Cat Week: Last Looks

Moving can be a pretty emotional experience. (Not for me, of course, because I am a bad-ass. I refer here to others.) After you’ve packed and emptied the place you called home, it’s hard not to be reminded of your mortality when you see all that empty space. Soon, someone else’s stuff will fill that void. Soon, someone else will call that place home.After ten years in Brooklyn, I sure will miss the place. My new home in Manhattan is a big step up in just about every way, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the people and places on the Q train. Do cats get wistful, too? Or is Marla just wondering where her litterbox went?

(Bklyn Blggng HQ)

Monday Is Cat Week: 3 Speed

Not unlike an old bike, my cat has exactly three speeds:
1. Begging for food whenever I walk into the kitchen.
2. Hopping on the table and trying to eat whatever I happen to be eating.
3. Looking all cute and whatnot when sleeping.

(Bklyn Blggng HQ)

Monday Is Cat Week: Reserved

I love cats — and this one is a cutie — but I tell ya, if I ever eat at this [unnamed] restaurant, I’m gonna ask for a seat in the No Cat Butt on Formica section. Just saying.

(West 42 St, Manhattan)