Cat Sitting: Monchichi

Meet Monchichi

I rarely get a chance to cat sit because Helena hates sharing the household with other felines. Ever since I adopted her from the ASPCA nearly ten years ago. she’s had the luxury of being the sole cat, a status she takes full advantage of.

However, that changed a few days ago when Monchichi joined us for a few weeks. Monch, as I like to call her, is my stepdad’s cat and this is her second time staying with us.

Helena and Monch enjoying their daily Churu course

Monch is extremely affectionate but was rather scared at first, most likely because her last visit was rather dramatic. She and Helena did not get along, to put it mildly. For an entire month.

Fortunately, time has mellowed both of them. Helena, who at twelve is around twice Monch’s age, is far less testy. And Monch, now in cat middle-age, is far less eager to test Helena’s patience.

They’re not exactly best friends, but they’re getting along well for the most part. They get into play fights a few times a day. Helena dominates when it comes to mealtimes but Monch doesn’t seem to mind. Monch tends towards the toys and spaces that Helena usually ignores, so there’s very little competition for real estate or things.

Monch chillaxing on a cat shelf

I’m not sure our apartment is large enough to permanently accommodate two cats, but as a temporary situation it sure is fun. I especially enjoy their very different personalities. I like to think that they’re enjoying the novelty of the situation too.