Meet Helena

I still miss my beloved Marla Singer, but eventually I realized that the best way to honor her memory was to open my home to a cat who really needed one.

Plus, I just plain missed having a cat around the house.

So: welcome Helena, formerly of the ASPCA, NYC Animal Care & Control, and an owner who had to give her up due to a move.

Helena’s 2.5 years old, 9 pounds, and has similar coloring to Marla (I have a weakness for tuxedos) but with a personality and energy level that’s very different from my former cat.

She’s pure joy to be around.

Helena was the name the ASPCA gave her but I like it, so I’ll keep it. However, I’ll most likely add a few other names once I decide on them. Current favorites include: Helena Bonham Catter Chan and Helena Bonbon Chan, to keep the Fight Club references going…