Broadway & Houston

I’m shooting time-lapses at the busiest corner in Soho and…

– The biggest rat I’ve ever seen hops past me and into the veggie stand on the corner. The rat was literally rabbit-sized. The only witnesses were myself and two teens standing next to me. And all the three of us could say was “shit…”

– A very scuffy-looking middle-aged guy was picking up cigarette butts around the subway entrance and putting them in his pocket. He noticed my camera and asked if I was shooting a “still sequence.” I said, “Yes, I’m doing a time-lapse.” He then asked if I was “getting releases” from the passerby that were in my shot. I replied that releases weren’t necessary since nobody could be personally identified in this kind of shot. He nodded in agreement and said “I know” as he walked off.

All this happened in just the first ten minutes here at this corner. In a city that’s always moving, it’s worth taking the time to just stop and watch every now and then. Because you might find that there’s whole ‘nother city to discover.

(Broadway & Houston St, Manhattan)