Mysterious CCC

The first rule of Chinatown Cake Club is you do not talk about Chinatown Cake Club.

I forget exactly what the other rules are, but fortunately there’s none about photography.

(CCC, Manhattan)

Festive Fountain

It may be a gathering before the Chocolate Fondue Fountain comes out, but it’s definitely a party after.

(Weehawken, NJ)

Threepenny Opera

Threepenny Opera

It looks like a toy in this photo, but I think that really is an actual NYPD Impala hanging off the ceiling for this production. Or an extremely lifelike replica.

(Juilliard School, Manhattan)

Buffet Infinitude

I think the appeal of places like Ichiumi is as much to look at food as it to actually eat it. Either way, you’ll have fun.

(Ichiumi, 32 St & 5 Av, Manhattan)