TPE: Waiting


Goodbye, again. Can’t wait until the next time.(Jiantan MRT Station, Taipei)

TPE: I S–t You Not


There is a special place in Heaven for someone in Taipei’s public sign-making bureaucracy. Xie xie!(Near Mingde, Taipei)

TPE: Ja La Foo Scoot


I’m dying to bring a Taiwanese scooter back to Brooklyn with me. Unfortunately, Carrefour won’t ship any of these to the States.(Carrefour, Taipei)

TPE: Doctors' Day for One Night


Taiwan has many holidays celebrating civil servants, including Doctors’ Day. For one day out of the year, docs can let their hair down and chung ger to a crowd of adoring fans. The white coats stay on, however.(Veterans General Hospital, Taipei)

TPE: Comfort, Food


My grandmother used to make this fatty pork dish for us growing up in NJ. Back then, I’m sure I wished we were eating McDonald’s instead, but now I can’t get enough of it. Ah, youth…(Shipai Road, Taipei)