Expos?? Rocks


It’s important to appreciate the little things in life, especially if they indulge your geek side. Today, I salute Exposé, which is one of the simplest, yet coolest features of the Mac OS.The screenshot here is of a new HD short film I’m making that consists of 600+ still photos. Thanks to Exposé, editing multiple images is easy — just a wave of the mouse lets you move between them easily. (Yeah, I know I can keyboard it…but sometimes you just gotta get your mouse on.)The even bigger geek indulgence, of course, is that you can pretend your Mac is the poor man’s version of the computer in Minority Report.(Mac OS X 10.4.7, PowerMac G5, dual 2.0 [June 2004])

All Right Pooch


I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the way Wallace says “all right, pooch” in A Close Shave. So if you ever hear me saying that to a dog, you know where it comes from. Just don’t be too hard on my English accent.(Greenwich St, Manhattan)

Fixing A Mole


Rich Wong of Colma fame fixes a malfunctioning Mole on a short film shoot in the Garden State. I was supposed to be helping him out on this shoot but 1) I don’t know jack about lights and 2) those things are damn hot, yo. So I left it to the pro and just snapped away.(Clifton, NJ)More Colma:SF/SJ: Colma Stays!More Mole:LA: Painting With Light

Keeping Flushing Clean


As a Chinaman, I feel slightly embarassed by this. I mean, couldn’t we have just kept all the text in Chinese? Talk about airing dirty laundry! I don’t see signs like this in SoHo.Also, I’ve urinated in the Public many times. Usually without incident.(Roosevelt Av, Flushing, NY)