Into The White


I hope I come back in the next life with a bit more style or, better yet, the confidence to believe that anything I choose to wear is style. This fellow subway rider wore an all-white tux, complete with white do-rag and white-on-white Yankees cap. It could have been comical, but he made it cool. That’s confidence — and style.Title reference: The Pixies(96 St-Broadway Station, Manhattan)

Natural Museum History

My favorite museum in New York is the Museum of Natural History. And one of my favorite things about the museum is that it’s kind of a museum of museum history, too. For me, the meta-exhibit of presentation styles is almost as great as the exhibits themselves. I love that the Hall of Gems and Minerals feels like a mod 1960s living room with its wall-to-wall carpeting, multiple levels, and funky angles. And that our early ancestors of Human Biology and Evolution actually live in a 1980s Trump-esque glass and black tile condo. And that the miniature hard-working farmers of the Hall of New York State Environment toil stoically amongst walls of 1950s wood paneling. And, finally, that the grand old dinosaurs were finally able to find some plasma TVs that didn’t clash with their palatial Beaux-Arts digs.

(American Museum of Natural History, 81 St & Central Park West, Manhattan)

Three Questions for Daniel

What are you looking forward to?

Life, the universe, and everything.

What song have you been listening to most lately?

The Ghost of You” by My Chemical Romance.

What do you believe with all your heart to be true, but can’t prove?

I believe with all my being that everything and everyone is connected to each other…it’s a part of itself basically.

(Union Square Park, Manhattan)


Pimp My Prius


Well, it’s actually my friend Mark’s Prius and it’s not really all that pimped-up, if by pimped-up you mean neon, chrome wheels, and flames painted on the sides. But it is way geek cool and if I had the money for a new car, I’d get this one.(Rt. 3 West, Montclair, NJ)

72 HFS: Sorta Low Above Times Square


Bummer! Dry Clean Only, our entry in the Second Annual 72 Hour Film Shootout, came away empty-handed at the awards ceremony last night at MTV Studios. Despite this disappointment, however, I still feel really proud of the film and our team. (Not to mention the cool shots of Times Square I got from the building.)With a little luck, the film will screen at various film festivals (and possibly online) over the next year or so. I’ll post details in News when I have them.The Team Beckoning Kitty Kats Story:72 HFS: Submission!72 HFS: Shooting & Editing72 HFS: Pre-Production72 HFS: Getting Ready(MTV Studios, Viacom Building, 1515 Broadway, Manhattan))