All Those Signs, I Knew What They Meant

My feeling is that in most other places, this sign would simply read PARKING SPACE FOR RENT. But of course, New York ain’t like most other places (as if you couldn’t tell by the fact that even in Kensington, Brooklyn, people are asking $200 a month for a parking space).

No, in our Darwinist Metropolis, you gotta work a little harder to get what you want. So even a flyer for a parking space becomes a pitch aimed very squarely at its target demographic, the yuppie Kensingtonian. What’s more, the very fact that the flyer is cleverly written — and illustrated! — tells the buyer that the seller is trustworthy because he/she is, in fact, just like them. Which is to say, bluntly, well educated but not rich enough to live in Park Slope.

I like the new Coldplay single enough to quote it in the title, play it repeatedly (to the annoyance of my houseguest), and of course plug the band.

(Avenue C & Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn)