They don’t call it Whole Paycheck for nothing.

(Whole Foods Market, 24 St & 7 Av)


The Secret of My Success


Blandly Positive/Reassuring Things I Say When I Don’t Want to Say What I Really Think
(especially useful at the office)

1. It makes a lot of sense.
2. Yeah, I hear that.
3. I think you’re onto something there.
4. Sounds like a plan.
5. There’s something to be said for that.
6. I think it’s inherent to the process.
7. It’s not really you; these computers just aren’t configured correctly.
8. Word, negro.

(“Charging Bull,” Bowling Green)


Downtown Dehumidifier


Hot sticky New York summers are a thing of the past now that the world’s largest dehumidifier has entered operation in Lower Manhattan.

(One Liberty Plaza)


51 Nassau St


“Eight bucks for a house sign at Home Depot? I can make my own for nuthin’.”

(Nassau St near Maiden Lane)


Rush Hour Reading Room


Today’s Results
(in no particular order)

New York Post
English vocabuary book
Bible study guide
Six Days of War
Chinese newspaper
Daily News
Science textbooks
Stuff printed off the web
Cult of Harvey (???)

(Q Train – Brighton Local/Broadway Express)


My Expiration Date?


Just in case a person really can die from eating six year old hummus and tabouli mix, I just wanna blog three last things: 1) I love you all very much, 2) I’m sorry I wasn’t the best son/brother/friend/boyfriend/cat owner I could have been, and 3) I always planned on putting the money back where I found it, honest.

Heart Stupid


I heart the BBQ at Biscuit, even though I’m sure my heart doesn’t heart it. The $8.90 half rack of ribs (includes two sides!) is just too delicious to stay away from. Did I mention the key lime pie is pretty good, too?

(Biscuit, 367 Flatbush Av, cash only)

Requiem for a Mullet

Requiem for a Mullet

I hope blogging doesn’t turn out to be the mullet of this century, because I still haven’t fully recovered from the one I had last century.

(Blue Chip Hair Salon/Mohan Jewlery, New St. Haircuts left, jewels right.)

Customer Service

Customer Service

A long time ago, my Mom told me that in Japan those gratuitous racy scenes on TV and in movies are called “customer service” (i.e., giving viewers what they want).

I’m fully aware that BKLYN Blggng hasn’t had much motherboro content lately, so I hereby offer a bit of customer service until I can get out and shoot some more Brooklyn scenes. I heard a rumor about a version of The Gates coming to Prospect Park that involved do-rags, so maybe I’ll wait for that.

(Brooklyn Bridge, from the Fulton Fish Market)

Nantra & Bijou


Viva public art!

(from Animals, Buildings, Cars and People by Julian Opie, City Hall Park)

The Gates 7


Big thanks to the artists and NYC and everyone that helped make this happen. This is an awesome gift to the City. Everyone should go see it.

(Central Park)