Civic Serendipity

I know plenty of people live by the motto “seek and ye shall find,” but it’s never worked for me. Many of the best things in my life — friends, jobs, bags of unmarked $100 bills — eluded me until I gave up looking for them.

Photoblogging is no different. You can walk up and down the streets of the City for days, cameraphone in hand, looking for something kitschy and never find it. It’s only when you’ve sworn off blogging forever and go out to smoke some clove cigarettes that you stumble upon the red Honda Civic with “TRUST NO ONE” emblazoned on the windshield complete with parking ticket and Jersey plates — a hat trick of found irony.

And then, for just a second in time but with an intensity that keeps you buzzing for weeks, you feel a deep connection with the universe and are convinced that somehow everything is going to turn out okay.

(Broad St & South St)