Meet Me at the Corner of Dirt & McGirt

I’m a fan of Mayor Bloomberg. I think his pursuit of educational reform is nothing short of noble and I hope he’s re-elected this year by a large margin. Fixing the City’s schools is a politically risky and hugely complicated task, but he’s shown real courage in tackling the issue head on. New York City has a million kids in the public school system, many of whom are poor and/or immigrants. For them, a decent education is their only chance at a better life. Let’s support the Mayor in his efforts.

It’s true, however, that Mayor Mike can come off as being “out of touch” with the common man at times. However, I think this is because he does much less cheap populist pandering than most other politicians, which on the whole is a good thing. But the truth is we’ve been weaned on political gimmickry and we can’t help but be a little suspicious and disappointed when we don’t get it. For example, I wish he had pandered to us a little bit by renaming this street Ol’ Dirty Slip after ODB’s untimely passing last year.

(Old Slip & Water St)