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Feeding Time


This woman lovingly fed the birds, but loudly refused money offered to her by a passerby. I wanted to know her story, but she didn’t seem too approachable.(Bowery & Doyers St, Manhattan)Related post:Lost Amongst the Pigeons and the Crumbs


Lame Duck Quacking


A lame duck quackingFrom the corner of my eyeAm I being rude?(4 Train, Manhattan)Related post:Rush Hour Reading Room


K-Town Krazy!


Whatever happened to a simple “All Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work?”(35 St, Manhattan)




Thank goodness, Fay-Da on Mott has re-opened. I haven’t built up the courage to buy anything there yet — let alone ask why exactly they were closed in the first place, which is what I really wanna know — but I will soon. Buy something, that is.(Fay-Da Bakery, Mott St & Canal St, Manhattan)More Fay-Da:Yikes! BakeryYour Pork Chop House ExcellencyFay-Da Window




This bus unsettles me, but I’m just not sure why…(48 St & 9 Av, Manhattan)


It's A Drink


(Newport Creamery, Seekonk, MA)


Subway Furniture


(59 St-Lexington Av Station, Manhattan)


Make That Change?


I started with the man in the mirror, asking him to change his ways. I felt no message could have been any clearer.”If you want to make the world a better place,” I said. “Take a look at yourself — and make that change.””Leave me alone or I’ll smash that cameraphone of yours,” he repiled.(Egg Custard Cafe, Mott St, Manhattan)


Yikes! Bakery


Zoinks!!! This is the last thing you wanna see when visiting your favorite Chinese bakery.(Fay-Da Bakery, Mott St & Canal St, Manhattan)More Fay-Da:Your Pork Chop House ExcellencyFay-Da Window


Apocalypse, Next!


Whenever my out-of-town town friends mock my tolerance for the daily inconveniences and humiliations of NYC life, I can usually chalk it up to their obvious jealousy and feelings of inferiority of living in a lesser city. But after spending ten minutes in the rain to enter, twenty minutes to check-out, and $130 on barely a week’s worth of food at a store that’s only just now come to New York, all I can say is: hey, at least we have a 24 hour subway.(Trader Joe’s, 14 St, Manhattan)

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