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Date With Ikea: Jo On The Go (3)


Computer alert! Computer alert! One day after my Treo took this photo, it died. I guess the weird but cool scan lines were a hint things were about to go wrong. (A replacement Treo came a few days later.)Title reference: Pavement(Ikea Elizabeth, Elizabeth, NJ)More Jo Jo On The Lingonberry Go Go:Date With Ikea: Jo On The Go (1)Date With Ikea: Jo On The Go (2)


Date With Ikea: Darn, Another Street Name Taken


Finding a cool nom de street that some other hustla hasn’t already taken is getting tougher and tougher.Title reference: Pavement(Ikea Elizabeth, Elizabeth, NJ)The Search for Street:The (Still) Birth of Cool


Date With Ikea: Daniel The Greeter

Date With Ikea: Daniel The Greeter

Happy Birthday to Daniel (aka DVCAM), who enjoys the Ikea experience so much he likes to hang out at the entrance greetin’ customers and snappin’ their photos.Title reference: Pavement

(Ikea Elizabeth, Elizabeth, NJ)


Date With Ikea: A Shoutout To MS


Until Ikea comes to Brooklyn, a trip out to the blue and yellow giant still means a day trip for us city folk. So why not make a mini-vacation out of it, snapping photos and getting all excited over $.99 cafeteria cheesecake like a tourist?This shot is for the Mighty Mikael, who helped me set up this very blog. (He may or may not like hot dogs.)Title reference: Pavement(Ikea Elizabeth, Elizabeth, NJ)


Has Anyone Seen The Bridge?


The replacement of the Lincoln Road bridge is one of the reasons the Q has been all crazy absent on weekends this month. But hey — cool view, huh?.Title reference: “The Crunge” by Led Zeppelin.(Brighton Line Subway [B/Q] at Lincoln Rd, Brooklyn)


Hmmm Or Mmmm?


A Spam sushi? Someone I know actually ate this, but I wasn’t brave enough to try it.(L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, 8 Av & 36 St, Manhattan)

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