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A Double Take


(Trinity Pl & Exchange Alley, Manhattan)More signs and things that wouldn’t warrant a second glance if one weren’t still a 12 year old boy on the inside:I Swear I Did Not Photoshop ThisThe Unbearable Heaviness of…AdulthoodSuch A Deal


Rhode Trip: Roll d'Lobster


Notice the lobster claw reaching for the clam strips.(Quito’s, Bristol, RI)


Rhode Trip: Disturbing The Other Patrons


Whaddya lookin’ at, lady? Don’t you Rhode Islanders photoblog everytime ya eat?? Dat’s what we do in Brooklyn.(Quito’s, Bristol, RI)


Rhode Trip: Photographing The Swans


I’m taking a much-needed short vacation away from New York, so the next few days I’ll be reporting from beautiful Rhode Island.(East Bay Bike Path, Barrington, RI)


Tandem Bikes


I think these two make the cutest couple.(East 10 St, Manhattan)


On The Northeast Corridor


This blog entry brought to you in part by the Krispy Kreme Corporation.(NJ Transit NEC, NJ)


Kiss Me On The (B41) Bus


Title reference: The Replacements [iTunes Music Store US](B41 Bus, Flatbush Av, Brooklyn)

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