Cosmic Dental Associates of Clifton, NJ

2018, 3 minutes, HD, Color. IMDB


Since 1998, Cosmic Dental Associates of Clifton, NJ has been the leading astro-dentistry practice in the Tri-State area.

CAST (in alphabetical order)

  • Maechi Aharanwa
  • Katherine Harber
  • Andrew Lubrano
  • Jo Mei
  • Edward O’Blenis
  • Andrea Syglowski


  • Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor: J.P. Chan
  • Producers: J.P. Chan, Solomon Gray, Jo Mei
  • Music: Timo Chen
  • Production Design: Molly Schneider
  • Visual Effects: Leonid Karachko
  • Production Assistants: Jong Chan, George Huey

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