Mission Beach


For our first night at SDAFF to screen A Picture of You, we were lucky to stay with a festival board member and his wife.

They generously opened their beautiful home to us and treated us to a view we’ll never forget.

City of Bronze


Even though I’ve lived in NYC all my adult life, I never get tired of rooftop views. No two are ever alike.

(Pod Hotel, Lexington Av & 39 St, Manhattan)

Riverside & 94


Visiting a friend’s house on the Upper West Side and seriously enjoying the view.


Rooftop water tanks have their own secret community high above it all.


A Brooklyn brownstone is still my NYC dream house, but I’m pretty sure a Manhattan penthouse like this would satisfy me as well.

West 65


There’s not too many pedestrian overpasses in Manhattan, so when you find yourself on one you pretty much gotta pull out the camera.

Blue & Yellow Both Ways


Look this way from Erie Basin Park in Brookyn and you get a spectacular sunset with the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

Look behind you and you get Ikea. Just another one of NYC’s crazy, semi-naturally occurring juxtapositions that makes life here endlessly fascinating.

Grand Central Uplift


Grand Central Terminal is beautiful from every angle, even the ones you didn’t know existed. You can catch this view for free from the Apple Store.

I feel really lucky that I get to walk through GCT on my way to work each day. The beauty and bustle of the place lifts me up on even the toughest of days. The endless supply of good things to eat there doesn’t hurt either.

An Easy Shot

An Easy Shot

Part of the dirty secret of NYC photoblogging is that the place is just so darn photogenic. You can be lazy like me and still find something interesting just about everywhere you look.

Park City


With all the festival frenzy, it’s easy to forget to look up and realize how frickin’ beautiful this place is.

(Park City, UT)