Total Eclipse 2024

Solar eclipse over NYC
The view through the iPhone at 15:12.

NYC wasn’t in the path of totality for today’s solar eclipse, but from a rooftop in Harlem I gotta say it was pretty spectacular anyway.

People on rooftop looking up at the sky
Harlem, look up!

On our roof, a dozen-or-so neighbors came up to catch a glimpse. Some had brought extra solar glasses to share so everyone who came up without glasses (including me) got a great view.

I went upstairs originally with the idea that I’d just try to capture what I could with my iPhone and a tripod. As I soon found out, the photos wouldn’t have worked nearly as well without the extra filtering of the solar glasses.

JP looking up at sky while wearing eclipse glasses
When my iPhone wasn’t wearing the glasses, I put them on.

I shot with my iPhone 15 Pro Max, using the stock Photos app, shooting RAW on the 5x zoom with a tripod to help keep things steady.

A cat looks at a crescent-shaped light on the wall of an apartment
Even Monch got a look at the eclipse via a reflection off my watch.
Solar eclipse over NYC
The view through the iPhone at 15:27.