Revzilla Brooklyn

Almost too many to choose from.

Although I’m still mourning Union Garage’s departure from Red Hook, I can now console myself at Revzilla Brooklyn, which opened this month on Hall St.

Located on an industrial street near the Navy Yard, Revzilla Brooklyn looks to be about twice the size of their flagship store in Philadelphia, which also happens to be near the Navy Yard down there. The Philly store is a regular stop for me whenever I’m in the area, but I suspect I’ll be visiting less now that ZLA is in NYC.

Hmmm…where else have I seen signs like these?

I really like Revzilla because they’ve got a great selection of products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. For better or worse, they make it so easy to buy (and return) things that I’ve easily spent more on gear from them than I did purchasing my MT-03.

Revzilla is a corporate sibling of Cycle Gear and carries the same house brands. I prefer Revzilla, however, for the fresher vibe of both its online and retail stores. Assuming I’m not unusual in that regard, I wonder whether they’ll keep Cycle Gear around or if they’ll eventually convert them to the Revzilla brand.

Alex tries out the RoboCop look.

Revzilla has been very smart about branded content, with an excellent YouTube channel, podcast, and blog. The videos in particular are highly engaging, with deft storytelling, a great sense of humor, and high production values. You might have heard of their viral video that recreated the Dumb and Dumber minibike trip to see if it could actually be done as depicted in the movie. (Spoiler alert: it can, and you need to watch it.)

This 1975 Honda Trail 90 is NYC’s newest motorcycle celebrity.

One of my favorite Revzilla videos chronicles a trip through Alaska on tiny Honda Trail motorbikes, a fascinating and entertaining ride that was also unexpectedly poignant. So you can imagine how excited I was that one of the moto stars of that video is on display in the store.

If I had a gripe about this store, it’s that it doesn’t include a cafe. Next to riding, bikers love talking about bikes over beverages. Maybe someone will open one up next door.