Hate Has No Place

In response to the terrible wave of anti-Asian hate crimes around the country & in New York, the MTA relaunched its Hate Has No Place digital campaign on over 6,400 subway and bus screens on Tuesday, March 16. Sadly but rather appropriately this coincided with the horrific anti-Asian attacks in Atlanta.

The original campaign launched in January 2020 following several anti-Semitic attacks in New York State. This refreshed campaign addresses the recent anti-Asian hate crimes by translating the three words of the campaign — Solidarity, Respect, Kindness — into Chinese and Korean. The campaign also now directs citizens to contact the NYPD Asian Hate Crimes Task Force with tips and information about hate crime incidents.

The basic translations were done by our contract linguist service, then polished and proofread by volunteer MTA staff fluent in Chinese and Korean. All the creative and copy for the campaign were done in house by my incredibly talented team.

I’m really proud that the MTA has been willing and able to use its massive visibility and influence to promote these important messages. Let’s all look out for each other.