World of Wong Kar Wai

This online Film at Lincoln Center retrospective looks incredible:

Contemporary cinema’s supreme rhapsodist of romantic longing, Wong Kar Wai makes mesmerizing mood pieces that swirl around themes of time, dislocation, and the yearning for human connection.

WKW was a huge influence on me when I started making short films in 2005, and it’s always been frustrating not to have access to high-quality versions of his movies.

Although I proudly owned the Criterion Collection DVD of In the Mood for Love, I’ve only been able to get so-so Hong Kong gray market DVDs of my other WKW favorites Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, and Happy Together. (I never got into Blu-Ray, so I have no clue if better versions were available on that medium.)

It’s incredibly exciting that all of his films have gotten 4K restorations. I’m looking forward to binging on this streaming bundle.