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Sunday Morning Cat

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The World of Extreme Happiness

WOEH closing weekend. So glad to catch the show again and hang with these superstars.

(Manhattan Theater Club, Manhattan)


Sunset Park is Really Changing

(Industry City, Sunset Park, Brooklyn)

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Wednesday Appreciations: FCPX

Wednesday Appreciations: I love FCPX because it makes editing a lot faster, which makes editing a lot more fun. At $300, it’s an insane bargain.

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Watch Monday

Subway Time

Haven’t worn a watch since this one in the 90s. I got it way before I wound up working for the company that produces the 1234567 (and once the 9).

Apple Watch MacOS 8 Edition

Really hoping that Apple announces an upgrade path for us existing Apple Watch owners. My band is seriously busted.

Seiko Sports 100

Final timepiece of the day is the one that means the most to me. This was the first watch I bought with my own money, earned from a New Year’s Eve working coat check at the Japanese restaurant where my Mom waited tables. She got me that coveted one-night gig in a highly competitive process among her co-workers.

The watch stopped working years ago but I’ll keep it forever for the memories it evokes in me.

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Nerd Saturday

iPod OG

Once a year I charge up my original iPod to make sure the battery and hard drive still work, because I wanna keep this thing playing forever. Helena is impressed that Thunderbolt can still connect to Firewire 400.


Soon after you get over the shock of being old enough to need reading glasses, you realize they’re kind of a pain in the ass to actually use. These CliC glasses are easy to wear, less than $30, and make me look like the shop teacher I always wanted to be. I love ’em so far.

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Belated Chinese New Year

Belated Chinese New Year dinner with friends from my earliest days at Transit. Sarah’s poor family had to endure us talking shop through ten courses.

(Delight 28 Resturant, Chinatown)

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Today’s Oysters

(Grand Central Oyster Bar & Resturant, Manhattan)

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Feline Enrichment

You don’t need money or space to create an enriching environment for your cat. You just need a few things from Ikea and the ability to withstand judgmental comments from visitors.