Scenic Lookouts

Riverside & 94

Visiting a friend’s house on the Upper West Side and seriously enjoying the view.

Rooftop water tanks have their own secret community high above it all.

A Brooklyn brownstone is still my NYC dream house, but I’m pretty sure a Manhattan penthouse like this would satisfy me as well.


Coney Island Yard

Even subway trains need a place to rest when they’re not working. For many NYC subway trains, that place is Coney Island Yard.

For a taste of how a smaller yard works, see this time-lapse of Corona Yard, home of the 7 train.

What does Coney Island look like in action? Stay tuned…


My Badass Brother

I spent the afternoon watching the vaguely Muay Thai-related Only God Forgives. My brother Jack spent it prepping for his first-ever Muay Thai fight.

A little after 9:30pm, Jack won his match amid a cheering crowd at a sweaty boxing gym in The Bronx. I’m so proud of him.

Cycling Urban Planning

To Each His Own (Lane)

I’m a regular user of the First Avenue bike lane in Manhattan and I love it. It’s by no means perfect — there’s still too much pedestrian dodging required in the East Village and Upper East Side — but it’s a huge step towards a safer and better use of that very wide avenue.

These days, my favorite stretch of the lane is the segment in front of the United Nations. The urban planner in me just loves how the bike lane merges beautifully with the vehicular lanes on the south end of the First Avenue tunnel, taking you comfortably past an area that used to be tricky for cycling. As an added bonus, there’s also now a Citi Bike station directly across the street from the Secretariat Building.

The only improvement I can think of would be giving one lane of the tunnel to bikes if cycle traffic one day warrants it. I’d love to see that in my lifetime.