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In December 2004, I began this blog as Bklyn Blggng, a humble Blogger-based cameraphone blog. (If you want to see that original blog in its current blown-out, spam-infested, decrepit state, look here. This is what happens to abandoned Blogger sites.)

It’s hard to believe eight years have passed. I started photoblogging because I wanted to get into the habit of “writing for an audience” in a simple, immediate way that also included visuals. Not least, the ability to shoot, write, and upload via my Treo 600 was also hugely appealing to my geek sensibilities. Blogging during my lunch hour quickly became a regular pastime.

Thanks to my good friend Mikael, the blog eventually moved to its own domain and Movable Type. For the next several years I photoblogged regularly and had fun making tweaks to the site with his generous help. As I accumulated more film and theatre credits, I added pages to show off my work.

Somewhere around 2009-2010, our MT installation started failing on a increasingly regular basis. I started posting less as a result. In 2011, we moved the blog over to Posterous, which worked well for a while but had its own complications fitting into the Flickr-based blogflow that I’d gotten used to. The posting decreased further and I found myself using Twitter and Facebook more and more to share photos and thoughts.

Earlier this month, Posterous announced that it was shutting down, a widely-predicted move following its purchase by Twitter last year. This development was actually good news for my blog and my site, as it got me back together with Mikael to create this new WordPress-based site.

So, I’m back to blogging and the website looks better than ever. I’m feeling that the blog will go in a more free-form direction this year, so each post won’t necessarily be tied to a cameraphone photo.

2013 is going to be a busy, interesting year for me and I’m looking forward to sharing it all here with you. Thanks for reading.


Note: for now, I’m leaving the Comments function off. If you feel moved to share your thoughts about anything I’ve posted, respond on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll chat there.