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Apple Stores are so iconic and well-placed that even if you didn’t know one of them was rising behind these unmarked black walls, you’d probably guess it anyway.

My office is adjacent to GCT and between Apple and the forthcoming
Shake Shack, I’m bracing for the inevitable impact to my wallet.

(Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan)

Reaction Time is a Factor

Reaction Time is a Factor

Hard to visit Los Angeles without snapping a shot that reminds me of my favorite L.A. movie. I’ll leave the film nameless for those who like puzzle-solving.

(2 Street Tunnel, Los Angeles)

Umami Reward

The reward for working a 12+ hour day on a sauna/soundstage is a first-time trip to one of L.A.’s most famous burger joints.

(Umami Burger, La Brea & 9 St, Los Angeles)


Goh Nakamura gives the thumbs up to his favorite store.

(Giant Robot, Sawtelle, Los Angeles)


(Los Angeles International Airport)

Tuxedo Cat

Sometimes I’m self-conscious about posting so many cat photos. But let’s face it, they’re an incredibly photogenic species. So deal with it.

(Bklyn Blggng HQ)


It’s not the first time I’ve injured a wrist, but it’s certainly my first visit to a hand surgeon. It’s also my first time seeing an X-ray of myself that has more than just teeth in it. Kind of cool.

Fortunately, the news is good: no bones broken. (If you can read X-rays and see something interesting, do let me know.)

(Doctor’s office, Manhattan)