Late Night Alternatives

Late Night Alternatives

Everyone knows about the famous halal night food cart at 53 St & 6 Av — and truth be told, that was my original destination. But I came upon Adel’s Famous at 49 St and thought I’d give it a try because 1) it was closer to my subway station and 2) it seemed to be patronized by regulars.

Now normally, I’m extremely adverse to trying out food places I don’t know anything about. But at 1 a.m. on a weeknight, lots of rules can be bent.

(49 St & 6 Av, Manhattan)

Calm Away From The Storm

Away from NYC for the weekend, which feels strange on the very weekend the entire country is watching NYC because of Hurricane Irene. But upstate, it’s pretty quiet.

(Saugerties, NY)

Reintroduced to the Wild (City)

Before I adopted Marla, she was an outdoor suburban cat for several years. Though I think she’s lived happily as an indoor urban cat for the 10 years I’ve had her, I’ve been thinking lately it’d be nice to take her outdoors again, if I can do it safely.

Tonight was her first time on the roof deck of my building and she seems to have enjoyed it. I think a leash, a harness, and Central Park are probably in our future.

(Marla Singer HQ, Manhattan)

Exhibit A+

So it turns out my favorite museum on the planet is probably even cooler behind the scenes than I imagined. At tonight’s Gizmodo/io9 Tech Tweetup at AMNH (Twitter: #AMNHTweetup), we were treated to a short tour and talk with the folks developing the technology behind some of their latest exhibit.

Among the fascinating revelations: AMNH custom-builds their own multitouch surfaces for exhibits because, as one staffer put it, the off-the-shelf stuff “gets destroyed by ten year-old boys in like five minutes.”


(American Museum of Natural History, Manhattan)

Lebowski Fest NYC

Lebowski Fest NYC

I’ve wanted to attend a Lebowski Fest for years but never got the chance. In a way I’m glad I waited, because tonight’s fest features a cast reunion in honor of the movie’s Blu-ray release and Jeff Bridges’ new album. The show hasn’t started yet but already this feels like the awesomest family reunion ever. MARK IT TEN, DUDE!

(Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan)