Comic-Con 2011: Honorary Credentials

Sad to have left my first Comic-Con. I had a blast even though my ground rules (wait on no lines, take no free booth swag) made mine an atypical experience. I’ll be writing it all up somewhere soon, so stay tuned.

Comic-Con 2011: Dream Machines

I totally want to bring one of these back to New York with me, but I suspect this isn’t going to fit in the overhead bin and I don’t wanna pay a bag check fee. I guess my dream is collapsing.

(Legendary Pictures booth, San Diego Convention Center)

Comic-Con 2011: Gender Studies

Comic-Con should offer a discount to academic researchers, because there’s more dissertation material per square foot here than any place I’ve ever been.

(San Diego Convention Center)

Comic-Con 2011: Sleeper Sell

This is a promo for the indie film BELLFLOWER and only at Comic-Con would a menacing-looking muscle car with MEDUSA painted on its side be considered subtle marketing. The poster strapped to the grill is a nice touch and there’s also a handwritten sign on the window that says “trending on Twitter #bellflower”.

Making an impression doesn’t have to cost a lot of money if you’re smart about it.

(Five Star Parking, San Diego, CA)

Magic Hour

The sun was setting spectacularly over Manhattan in the distance. But it couldn’t compete with the dancers in Sunset Park last night.

(Sunset Park, Brooklyn)

Fatal Errors

The biggest surprise is that it’s a Mac. Usually when I see these public errors it’s a Windows machine. Dude, you’re letting us Apple fanboys down…

(Chelsea Market, Manhattan)