Pebble Beach

I have a feeling that if I knew even the slightest thing about golf, this place would be thrilling. As it was, it was merely spectacular.

(Pebble Beach, CA)

The Fairest Way

Grocery shopping via bike is one of my favorite small pleasures. It’s hard to buy more than you need, and being able to burn calories on the trip allows a little extra indulgence when it comes to the actual shopping. Win-win.

(Fairway Harlem, Manhattan)


Not as soft as he looks, but still cuddly.

(Untitled [Lamp/Bear] by Urs Fischer, Park Avenue, Manhattan)

Public Transit Displays of Emotion

Ted Hughes’ Birthday Letters is magnificent, but hard to read on the train. I picked it up for the first time in years this morning and wept on the 3 train. Missed my stop too.

Lest you think this display of emotion happens rarely, just yesterday I cried laughing on the 2 train. I was watching THE FOOT FIST WAY on my iPad. I think spit may have flown out my mouth and onto someone sitting nearby. Hopefully on clothing, not mouth. Sorry, ma’am.

My utter lack of “street face” is a bit embarrassing, but this kind of escapism sure beats getting annoyed by fellow passengers on a crowded train. Transcendence on the daily commute is not easy to come by.

Fruit Cart

Shot this from inside a bank. I love these fruit carts even though I gotta admit I never buy from them.

I wish the reflection weren’t in the photo, but I’ll rationalize that it adds to the moment somehow.

(48 St & Madison Av, Manhattan)