Chinatown City Life

The Competition

I’m not sure exactly what these kids were competing in, but they were intensely focused at it.

(Flushing Mall, Queens)


Glen Ridge Station

(Glen Ridge, NJ)


DiRECT ARTS: Preview Q & A with J.P. Chan!

My short film DRY CLEAN ONLY (from ye olde days o’ 2006) screens as part of Direct Arts’ Take Two! play/film series on Feb. 8. This interview may or may not explain why. Hit the link to read the rest.

J.P. Chan, writer and director of DRY CLEAN ONLY, was kind of enough to be the first participant in what we hope will be a regular feature wherein we get to better know the playwrights and filmmakers involved in this season’s Take Two!
DA: Theater or Film or both, and why?
JP: Both. I like feeling inadequate at a variety of pursuits. I’m going to try app development next.
DA: What got you into film?
JP: Loved sci-fi as a kid and always wanted to create worlds for the screen. After a few decades of procrastinating, I finally got around to it.


City Life

Opportunity Digs

Ya gotta love a business model that requires nothing more than a shovel, sticky notes, and a willingness.

(Charlton St, Manhattan)

City Life

Canal & Varick, 6:39pm

Supposedly the snow is coming, but it’s not really here yet.



The Mother of All Cover Flows

I truly hope I never EVER hear someone look at one of these and say “hey, they built a real version of that thing in iTunes!”

(Somewhere on Astor Place, Manhattan)

Ailurophilia Marla

Is Your Cat’s Litterbox Big Enough?

Probably not, because the litterbox in your home is most likely sized for your needs, not your cat’s.

Give your kitty the space she needs to do her business. Marla weighs less than five pounds, but she has a 16″ x 24″ converted file box for her toilet. At 15 years old, she deserves it — and probably couldn’t
navigate a smaller one anyway.

City Life Transit

On The Downtown 1

Haters, please wait for the train directly behind this one.


PJ Harvey & John Parish – Black Hearted Love

My song of the day. I heart PJ.