City Life

Madison Square

I read about this guy in the Times’ CityRoom blog, then a few hours later he actually showed up while I was waiting for a friend. True to the Flatiron neighborhood, he had literally more than a dozen photos taken of him (including mine) by passerby in the 10 minutes I waited there. (Most shots were taken with iPhones.) If this isn’t some kind of prank or performance art piece, it’s seriously misguided on his part.

(Madison Sq Park, Manhattan)



My 2004 12″ PowerBook 1.33 is one of my favorite Macs ever, but it was finally time to replace it. The 2010 MacBook Pro 13″ 2.4 is a worthy successor, even if it’s not quite as compact as the PowerBook. I guess if I ever want a Mac as small as the 12″, I’ll have to buy an iPad.