City Life

Beauty Bar

I don’t drink, and even if I did I couldn’t afford to do it at The Campbell Apartment. But I appreciate this goregeous room just the same. Thankfully, it costs nothing to just visit and gawk.

(Campbell Apartment, Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan)


Ed Lin For President (After Obama)

Here’s Ed Lin reading his work at Hunter College. There were actually plenty of people in the audience, but I kind of like this framing, even though it makes Ed look kind of unpopular. I’m a big fan of Waylaid and I’m really looking forward to reading This is a Bust. And maybe get a nice baseball jersey to go with it.

(Hunter College, Manhattan)


Coffee Dreams Come True

If you love coffee, what better way to enjoy it than inside a store that’s basically a giant coffee machine? And it’s open 24 hours, no less.

(Roasting Plant, 75 Greenwich Av, Manhattan)

City Life


Outside the Hotel Pennsylvania, Jo and I run into Spencer and his master. Spencer’s a Bedlington Terrier from the UK in town for the Westminster Dog Show just across the street at the Garden.

Spencer’s master says a Bedlington hasn’t won Westminster since 1947, but this dog looks lucky to me. Kick some butt, Spence!

(7 Av & 33 St, Manhattan)