Hello, Roto


There’s a right way and a wrong way to rotoscope your footage. The wrong way involves Photoshop, countless hours, and carpal tunnel.

Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out the right way yet.

(Bklyn Blggng HQ)

His Name Is Sasquach


…and he eats house trees for breakfast. He is known to frequent parts of our nation’s capital but had never been caught on camera until now.

(Washington, DC)

Return of Frankencam


The unholy combination of the Canon HV20 and the Cinevate Brevis has gotten me through two shorts, more than paying for itself in 16 months of ownership.

But as good as the images can be from this setup, the rig itself still looks hopelessly dorky. Can’t have everything, ya know.

(Floyd Benett Field, Brooklyn)

Red vs. Pink

Red vs. Pink

Pinkberry annoys me, but that doesn’t mean I’m 100% anti-fancypants-Asian-pricey-yougurt. The $5 shake at Red Mango kinda rocks. The $0 August 19, 2008 special was even better.

(Red Mango, 32 St, Manhattan)

Bklyn In Rainbows


Whoa, I’m way behind in posting here due to another crazy busy summer. So here comes the backlog…

(Fenimore St, Brooklyn)