Everyone Loves (Dessert)

Everyone Loves (Dessert)

Now that ChikaLicious has been joined by its little brother Puddin’, there’s two places on East 10 to get your love on. For your partner, or the dessert you’re sharing.

[Left to right: coffee, red velvet cupcake*, crème brûlée, latte]

*Not as good as the one at Daisy May’s, but still pretty damn good.

(ChikaLicious Puddin’, 10 St & 2 Av, Manhattan)

Waiting For Hillary


On my way back from a dental appointment, I accidentally stumble upon a crowd waiting to hear Senator Clinton’s (potentially) big announcement.

(Baruch College, Manhattan)

Powerless & Peckish


When the power goes out at your favorite Sichuan restaurant and they stop taking orders, you’ll wish — as we did — that you ordered that fourth dish after all.

(Ollie’s, 42 St & 9 Av, Manhattan)