Press Pot

The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had was Yauco Selecto in a press pot several years ago at Gramercy Tavern. Since then, I’ve had a few hundred gallons of java, but never in a press pot (except on the rare occasion at a place like Chikalicious) and never Yauco Selecto beans. But whenever I do see a press pot I think about that cup at Gramercy, and I think to myself I have to get one of these and some of those beans. Then about two seconds later, I imagine the work and cost involved in finding the beans and getting the exactly right hardware and I promptly dismiss the whole notion. Until the next time I see a press pot.

So I love coffee, but I’m lazy too. And so far, lazy wins.

(Chikalicious Dessert Bar, 10 St & 2 Av, Manhattan)