Times New HQ

I’m a Times addict. I look at the site at least a dozen times on an average day, a figure that’s only gotten larger now that I’ve gone iPhone. Their new headquarters looks awesome, and I hope someday to go inside and check it out.

(40 St & 8 Av, Manhattan)

Scenic Lookouts

From Floor 13

(6 Av & Spring St, Manhattan)

City Life


(Walker St, Manhattan)


Orange in Austin

Orange is everywhere in this town, from the sea of Longhorn-wear to the fauna. That’s school spirit!

(Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin, TX)

Scenic Lookouts

Lincoln Road, Last Week

(Lincoln Rd, outside Prospect Park Station)


Opening Night

Opening night of Cyrano de Bergerac starring Kevin Kline and Jennifer Garner is the star-studded event you’d expect it to be — red carpet, TV crews, young fans, Ben Affleck in the lobby.

And the show? It’s just okay. The actors are wonderful, but the writing just seems so flabby and indulgent. A play about the beauty of language shouldn’t be a license to overwrite, but that’s exactly what this show feels like. I’m sure the style and language made sense in a historical context, but a 2007 Broadway production with movie stars isn’t an academic production by any means, and a little tightening up would have served the actors and audience much better.

(Richard Rodgers Theatre, Manhattan)