Flushing Rising


As a matter of kitsch, I’ll miss the old 1940s ski lodge-like main building at QBG, but its replacement is way more functional and correctly-sized, if a little trendy looking. Taken along with the equally sleek Flushing Branch of the Queens Library, it’s looking like New York’s second Chinatown is finally getting some architectural bling.(Queens Botanical Garden, Flushing)

Monday Is Cat Week: Reserved


I love cats — and this one is a cutie — but I tell ya, if I ever eat at this [unnamed] restaurant, I’m gonna ask for a seat in the No Cat Butt on Formica section. Just saying.

(West 42 St, Manhattan)

Window Dining


You can scratch your head at the marketing, but you can’t argue with the tasty home-style food at the Pork Chop House.(Excellent Pork Chop House, Doyers St, Manhattan)

Postage Stamp Theatre


The new iPod nano is pretty amazing in person, way sleeker than it looks in most photos (where it looks kinda stubby). I’m still not sure about the screen size, though. Sure, the resolution is really high, but will it be fun to watch stuff on a screen this small? It was hard to say after just a few minutes of fiddling with one in the store.One thing’s for sure — if anyone wants to make a $199 donation to the Bklyn Blggng Product Lab, I’d be happy to try to answer this question.(Apple Store Fifth Avenue, Manhattan)