Eve & The Firehorse

It’s a great day for fanboys of Asian-American/Canadian indie films:

In New York, you can catch the awesome Colma: The Musical, which opens today at the Quad. Manohla Dargis, my favorite film critic, loves this movie too.

If you’re in San Francisco, you can check out the exquisite Eve and The Firehorse, which runs for two weeks starting today at the newly renovated Sundance Kabuki in Japantown.

I’d rave more about both films, but I’m too busy flying my decommissioned black market F-14 across the country right now in a quest to be the only person on the planet to see both movies in these venues on the same day. (Hope it’s not congested at SFO.)

So for now, you’ll have to settle for my previous writeups on the films of Wong/Mendoza and Kwan.