SF/SJ: Bay Area Transit Is Rapid

Getting around the Bay Area is remarkably easy, with or without a car (though with a car is better). Some observations:

VTA bus drivers will cheerfully cut you a break if you’re short on bus fare. (It’s kind of like the pay-what-you-wish policy at the Met.) I’m a little embarrassed to say that I was able to confirm this on three different trips in San Jose.

– 4 in 5 SF Muni bus drivers don’t care at all if you have the correct fare or a valid transfer, so just get behind the white line already you damn tourist.

BART still looks more or less like it did in THX 1138.

– I’m the only one not driving in the SF bus lanes.

– Next time I’m in SF, I’m definitely riding the Milan streetcars on Market St. They’re beautiful and loud as heck.

– I’m averaging one illegal u-turn per day in SF.

(Fremont BART Station, CA)