Unlucky Strike!

The TWU transit strike is illegal, selfish, and stupid. Nobody doubts that our transit workers have hard jobs and are often underappreciated. But the union demands have been outrageous and are an insult to the riders. Most transit riders earn way less than the typical transit worker and lack public sector job security. In rejecting the MTA’s latest proposal of a nine percent raise over three years and modest concessions, the TWU apparently think they deserve better raises than the cops, firemen, teachers, and most other working people in this City got this year.

Shame on the reckless TWU leadership for subjecting its rank and file to the fines and lost pay this strike will bring upon them. And shame on them for stranding millions of people on a 22 degree day less than a week before Christmas. If there’s any justice, they’ll get what they deserve for holding the City hostage like this. Sadly, all of us are already paying a price for their selfishness.

(Jay St & Willoughby St, Brooklyn)