Brooklyn Junction, What’s Your Function?

Most days, I’m an economic determinst, but even those that believe economics explains most behavior have to admit that politics, culture, history, lack of imagination, and good ol’ inertia are sometimes equal partners in the human adventure.

How else could you explain Brooklyn Junction? The Junction, as it’s known, lies at the crossroads of Flatbush Avenue and Nostrand Avenue, two of the borough’s busiest thoroughfares. It’s home to Brooklyn College’s 15,000 students, it’s the terminal for the 2 and 5 subway lines, and it’s a transfer point for several bus routes.

Here, in the heart of 2.5 million strong Brooklyn, you have all the ingredients for a major center of culture and commerce. Instead, you’ve got a lot of fast food, unremarkable shops, and some parking lots. I’m not saying we need a mega mall here (as has been proposed), but a little imagination, a little political will, and a few bucks could turn this into a seriously cool destination for Brooklyn.

(Flatbush Av & Nostrand Av, Brooklyn)